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Why Choose Resendez Injury Law Group?

You’ll meet with Rudy from day one and you’ll communicate with him and his experienced legal team in person and by phone/text/email to keep your car accident or other injury case moving towards victory!

Experience – A Must!

Getting the money you deserve for your personal injuries is complicated even in a simple car accident or other personal injury case.  You need a legal team whose members have handled thousands of car accident or orther personal injury cases. We’ll help you avoid leaving thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars on the table by failing to properly manage your car accident or other injury case.  We know how to negotiate with insurance adjusters and defense attorneys and we’ll help you avoid the big insurance companies’ traps!

Aggressive Representation – No Fear!

Big insurance companies with their billions have invested heavily training its adjusters how to get you to accept less than you deserve for your car accident or other personal injury case. The less they pay you, the more they can spend on money-making advertising to sell more insurance – you know, the gecko, “Flo”, Mayhem dude, discount double-check QBs, etc. We know their tricks and we don’t fear them. Don’t let them take advantage of your inexperience!

Personal Attorney-Client Attention – It Matters!

At Resendez Injury Law, YOU are the most important person in your car accident or other personal injury case and you will be treated like it. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority! Don’t settle for less.

Results – The Bottom Line!

Talk is cheap. Two things matter most: 1) Did you get paid what you deserve for your car accident or other personal injuries? 2) Were you treated like you deserve by your attorney and team? At Resendez Injury Law, we’re committed to achieving your complete satisfaction on both questions!” Resendez Law has obtained millions of dollars in compensation for our clients’ car accident or other personal injury cases.  Time and time again, former clients refer friends, family members, fellow employees, and others to our firm so that we can represent them with their car accident or other personal injury cases. Resendez Injury Law is honored to provide superior client satisfaction to our clients — you deserve that!

Network of Medical Providers – Critical Partners to Help You Get Well!

We’ve invested ample resources getting to know a variety of medical care providers who will work with you to get you on the path to your recovery. These good medical doctors, chiropractors, pain management specialists, physical therapists, and surgeons, among others, will evaluate you if needed to identify your car accident or other personal injuries.  And when necessary, they will delay being paid for their services until Resendez Injury Law has settled your case.

Honest Communication – No Cheap Talk!

We depend on your satisfaction with our service to refer Resendez Injury Law to your family members, friends, and co-workers who find themselves in need of an attorney. We’ll be open and honest with you regarding th your case, and about the potential amount of compensation you may receive given the facts of your particular case. We won’t tell you something just to attract your business.  Integrity matters at Resendez Injury Law.

Focus – We’re On It!

We focus our practice on car accident and other personal injury cases….period!

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