Arizona Injury Accident Attorney Rudy Resendez > Testimonials

Rudy Resendez has become like family to me.

K. McGrath
Gilbert, AZ

Resendez Law Group has given me time and attention that went way beyond my expectations.

J. Sawyer
Peoria, AZ

I am absolutely sure I would recommend Resendez Injury Law Group to all of my friends.

S. B.
Phoenix, AZ

I am very pleased with the work that Resendez Injury Law Group did for my family. Mr. Resendez fought for our rights and resolved our case in a timely manner. We were very happy and satisfied with the compensation and personal attention we received from Resendez Injury Law Group!

Claudia C.
Mesa, AZ

I called so many law firms and nobody would help me. Mr. Resendez listened to my story, took my case, then went well above and beyond what I expected to deliver a great result for me. He also called me often to keep me informed.

Velma M.
Mesa, AZ

After being involved in two motor vehicle accidents within 15 hours of each other, I knew immediately that I wouldn’t be able to handle the insurance companies on my own. I was referred to Mr. Rudy Resendez by my chiropractor, and at my initial consultation with Rudy I knew he was qualified to handle my cases. Rudy is compassionate, trustworthy, professional and knowledgeable. He and his staff kept me informed and up to date on my case the whole way through. I felt so comfortable and confident with Mr. Resendez as my attorney.

Gena R.
Phoenix, AZ

When I met Rudy Resendez, I was struck by his professionalism, sincerity and honesty in taking on my case and the process involved. He provided potential Rehab companies that could be of help to me and a realistic timeframe for settlement. I was very pleased and satisfied with timing of the settlement and the amount.

D. Crawford
Chandler, AZ

Resendez law group was referred to me by a coworker. From the first time Mr. Resendez came to meet me concerning my case, I knew that he was the right choice for my case. He was very understanding and very helpful. I spoke with other law firms and they didn’t want to take my case because I had already tried to settle it on my own. But, the insurance company did not want to pay for my injuries. Mr. Resendez got me the money I deserved!

Phoenix, AZ

After my car accident, Mr. Resendez took my case and his service was beyond my expectations. He was in constant communication with me, always making sure I felt secure and important. Thanks to his dedication and efforts in my case to get the best results in my favor, I got all my medical expenses covered and much more! Thank you Resendez Injury Law Group!

Maria A.W.
Gilbert, AZ

When my husband was in critical condition in the hospital because of a severe accident at work, we searched for a lawyer who could help us with our case. Of all of those whom we contacted, Mr. Resendez was the only one who gave us that faith and hope regarding our case. Although he knew it would be a difficult case to pursue, Mr. Resendez took our case and fought to give us the best results.

Buckeye, AZ