Importance of Contacting an Attorney When You’ve Been Hurt

Time and time again, I get calls from good people who have been injured in a car accident or other incident but waited to call Resendez Injury Law Group because they believed they didn’t need an attorney and could handle their claim on their own. Besides, the insurance adjuster was so nice and caring during the initial conversation, and maybe for awhile afterwards. Perhaps the adjuster at first even committed that he/she would pay the injured victim’s medical bills at the end of the case  — maybe even committed to pay some (way too low) amount in addition to that just because he/she is so nice and caring!

Time passed and the client begins to realize that the small amount the insurance company committed to pay, if they committed to pay anything at all, does not fairly compensate them after all.  It is likely that the amount committed does not even cover the cost of extra gasoline the injured victim purchased to drive to/from the medical provider’s office for therapy/treatment. All of a sudden, they realize that the once “nice” adjuster who works for the insurance company that insures the at-fault driver or other entity who injured them is not so nice anymore!

I see so many variations of this bad story. It is all too common to hear of adjusters who won’t return phone calls, who won’t do anything to quickly get your car repaired, or who won’t fairly evaluate the accident/incident to quickly confirm that their insured was at fault for causing your injuries. It is really frustrating. You are already hurt, you’re struggling with the pain and limitations of your injures, you need medical treatment, and when you’ve been in a wreck, you need your car repaired ASAP!

Once an insurance adjuster gets you to hold off hiring an attorney, they’ve got you. Valuable time passes after you’ve been injured and you aren’t sure what to do so you trust that the adjuster will “do the right thing” to help you properly manage your claim. But think about it for a second. Do you really think the adjuster cares about you or your interests in getting well, in getting fairly compensated for your injuries, or in getting your medical bills paid in a timely manner? The short answer is NO!  The longer answer is HECK NO!

Never forget that the adjuster works for the at-fault party’s insurance company! The adjuster’s duty is to protect the person who caused your injuries, NOT to protect your rights or ensure you are reasonably compensated! Never forget that the adjuster wants to pay you the lowest amount possible for your claim, and would love to pay you NOTHING for your claim if they can get away with it! And, never forget that the adjuster has been trained to do things such as ask you to allow him/her to take your recorded statement to pry information and answers from you hoping to get you to say something that can be construed against you to reduce the value of your injury claim!

I recently handled a case where my client (before she became my client) had been interviewed by the insurance company while she was at a Progressive Insurance collision center! My client had gone there to obtain a repair estimate of the damage done to her car in an accident. Whaaattt?!? She goes into a Progressive collision center for an estimate and instead of just doing the estimate, Progressive pounces on her and convinces her to give them a recorded interview at their collision center which they then used against her to offer her much, much less for her injury claim than she deserved!!!

If you go against the insurance adjuster alone, you will pay. So, the choice is yours. Do you want to trust in your own ability to deal with an insurance adjuster who is trained in the art of the tricks used by the insurance companies to pay you less than you deserve for your injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages, and inability to enjoy your regular activities?  Or would you prefer to offload the hassle, frustration, and time that it takes to properly manage your claim to a proven professional who loves fighting for his clients? If you want fair compensation for your injuries, call Attorney Rudy Resendez at Resendez Injury Law Group (602-824-9444) and let me and my team fight that battle for you. I am armed with over 20 years of experience and will aggressively handle your case. Whether your claim is worth $5,000.00 or $5,000,000.00, Resendez Injury Law Group will greatly increase the chances that you will obtain a much better result than you will recover on your own. Don’t get taken advantage of. You will be glad you called!

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