Avoid the Insurance Trap

Don't fall for the insurance trap when you've been injured in an accident!

Rudy Resendez

1/1/20252 min read

Insurance companies work very hard to take advantage of people who simply don’t know better. Recently, we represented two clients — one of which was only 18 years old — who were injured in separate car crashes as a result of the negligent driving of other drivers. Both accidents were serious — one rollover and the other a head-on collision. Both clients suffered significant injuries involving an initial hospital emergency department visit followed by lengthy post-emergency medical evaluations and follow-up treatment. Neither client had been involved in a car crash before and simply didn’t know what to do before contacting Resendez Injury Law Group.

Now, for the “insurance trap.” The insurance company for the negligent drivers is one that you all know from their “cute” million-dollar commercials on TV. Shortly after each crash occurred, but before we began representing the injured victims, that insurance company contacted them and offered to pay them each a grand total of $1,500.00 to settle their cases — $1,500.00! The insurance company did not care about the injured victim’s injuries, or how much medical care would be required to treat their injuries, let alone how much that medical care would cost in the end!!! No, they wanted to pay those injured victims the least amount possible because they thought they could take advantage of them.

Do you know that it is typical for the hospital do to CAT scans and other evaluations and/or treatment that can easily result in an INITIAL hospital bill of $10,000.00 or more? But the insurance company’s adjusters sounded so caring while making those pathetic offers — really? You can see where this was going for each victim. In each of those two cases, the client’s medical bills exceeded $10,000.00 after months of treatment. Thankfully, before accepting the insurance company’s offers, the victims called Resendez Law and we were able to do all of the hard work necessary to eventually obtain settlement offers for each client that not only covered the total amount of the medical bills, but also compensated the clients very well for the significant pain and suffering they endured for months after the crashes, for lost income, and even for their reduced ability to enjoy their everyday lives whether at work, at school, at play, or elsewhere.

Do you want to settle your case alone for $1,500.00 or do you want professional help from Resendez Law to get what you deserve? The choice is YOURS. Call us!