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Rodolfo (Rudy) A. Resendez Jr.Rodolfo (Rudy) A. Resendez Jr.

Did you know that some attorneys that you’ve seen on TV or billboards advertising their firm’s legal services don’t even live in Arizona?  Did you know that at most if not all of those firms, you as the client will never meet that attorney face to face but will instead be represented by a different attorney at the firm?  It’s not like that at Resendez Injury Law.  When you become Rudy’s client, you will have the opportunity to meet him, to speak with him about your case, and to ask him any questions you wish at that time.  Rudy himself will be your attorney!

Rudy is a native of the Southwest, having grown up in El Paso, Texas.  He received his law degree in 1995 and was admitted to practice law in Arizona that same year.  He has helped raise his family in Arizona and is proud to call Arizona his home.

Intel Corporation hired Rudy immediately after he graduated from law school in 1995 to negotiate and draft multi-million dollar contracts. Rudy subsequently worked at Intel in a variety of management positions over the next 15 years that allowed him to live or work in Mexico, Central and South America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Rudy gained a great love and appreciation for people of varying nationalities, customs, and backgrounds, and vast experience and expertise in the field of negotiations.

Why does that matter?  Because Rudy’s work experience has prepared him well to represent his clients and negotiate with big insurance companies to enable clients to be paid what they deserve. Did you know that well over 99% of all personal injury cases never go to trial because they are settled through negotiations before they reach a trial?  That means most clients who have been injured in an accident will never have to rely on their attorney’s courtroom skills.  Instead, they rely on their attorney’s negotiation skills to settle their cases and get paid for their injuries.

Rudy’s passion is to help injured people in a professional and honest manner to get the money they deserve for their injuries.  Any attorney can boast of unverified results they have obtained for their clients or pay to have their smiling faces on commercials, billboards, and buses.  But don’t be misled by such boasting or advertising.  It doesn’t tell the real story of how well the attorney knew or understood the client, their case, the law related to their case, now how well they negotiated their client’s case.  For example, did they leave thousands of dollars on the table by not negotiating properly?  The real story is in the details of each case.  Let Rudy help you with your case — he has the skills and expertise to help you win!

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