Rodolfo (Rudy) A. Resendez Jr.

Rodolfo (Rudy) A. Resendez Jr.

Rudy is passionate about helping injured car accident or other personal injury victims like yourself! As the victim of a horrific train-car accident in which his mother was killed when Rudy was a young boy, he knows your pain and suffering. Rudy will aggressively battle big insurance companies to get YOU paid for your pain, suffering, medical bills, lost income, and other damages.

Experience matters! If you’ve been injured in a car accident or trucking accident, a doctor’s mistake, bitten by a dog, burned by someone’s carelessness, or hurt while at work or a business such as a restaurant, grocery store, or shopping center, Rudy wants to hear your story. He would love the opportunity to meet and go to work to get you what you deserve.

Rudy also handles serious medical malpractice cases and those most tragic cases that involve the wrongful death of a loved one. Time matters to maximize your chances against big insurance companies. Don’t wait to call Rudy.  Protect your personal injury case’s value now!

You won’t be just another number at Resendez Law Group. You will meet Rudy right away to discuss your case on your way to victory against the big insurance company. You won’t be alone and forgotten!  Rudy cares.

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why choose us

Rudy’s legal team has successfully helped thousands of clients.

Rudy’s clients have been paid MILLION$$.

Rudy has battled every major insurance company and won.

We’ll help you find medical treatment as needed.

We’re straight up with you about your case.

We focus 100% of our time helping injured clients.

NO FEES until we win for YOU!

NO FEES until we win for YOU!

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Why Choose Resendez Law?

Why Choose Resendez Law?

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Do I have a CASE?

Do I have a CASE?

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Areas of Practice

Car Accident Car Accident

Driving or riding in cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles is something that most of us do every day, without a second thought. But when you look at the frequency of motor vehicle accidents across Arizona.

Train Accident Train Accident

A number of freight and passenger railroad lines crisscross Arizona. The state has 1,645 miles of freight railroads in addition to Amtrak passenger trains and the METRO passenger rail that connects Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa.

Motorcycle Accident Motorcycle Accident

With its warm, dry climate, natural beauty and long stretches of open road, Arizona is one of the most idyllic states in the country for motorcycle riding. Whether taking a trip down historic Route 66.

Medical Malpractice Medical Malpractice

When it was published 15 years ago the Institute of Medicine’s landmark study “To Err is Human” shook up the medical community by declaring that 98,000 Americans each year died from medical errors.

Semi-Truck Accident Semi-Truck Accident

Americans rely on the trucking industry to deliver many of the goods they use every single day, from the foods they eat to the clothes they wear to the fuel that powers their vehicles. Commercial trucks, in fact, move about 70% of all U.S. domestic freight.

Defective Drugs Defective Drugs

Prescription drugs are big business in the United States and worldwide. The global pharmaceuticals market is worth $300 billion per year, and over the past decade, the 11 largest global drug companies earned $711 billion in profits.

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